How to Deal with Annoying Prank Telephone Calls

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Receiving obscene and threatening phone calls can be very stressful and a very disturbing invasion of privacy. Unsolicited calls can be a great nuisance especially when you want some quiet time. You do not want to be disturbed while having a quiet time with your family or just enjoying some peace with yourself but your peace is interrupted by annoying prank telephone calls. This scenario is not uncommon since many people are experiencing annoying prank calls and fed up of getting those disturbing phone calls.  The good news is that you do not have to put up with those annoying calls because there are ways to stop annoying prank telephone calls and reclaim your peace of mind. Dealing with annoying prank telephone calls can be stressful and to get rid of those unwanted calls you need to know what to do. The following tips can be very helpful.

Choose not to answer calls from unrecognized numbers. Answering calls from numbers you don’t recognize may put you in a situation where prank callers may get what they want from you, which is your attention. Ignoring annoying prank telephone calls can save you from stress and from wasting your precious time. If in case you answered a call and you become suspicious of what is being said by the person on the other end, immediately hang-up or stay calm and get as much information you can get from the caller and take note of the time of the call. If the call is from a company or organization you recognized and the person calling is claiming to be a representative, call the company or organization to verify the validity of the claim. Be wary not to provide personal information like social security number, bank account information and credit card information.

Change your phone number. If you are receiving repeated harassing calls, it is best to get a new phone number to avoid those annoying prank telephone calls and make sure your new number is unlisted or unpublished. Advise your telephone company that your account information must not be disclosed without your consent or you may set password on your account information. Be cautious not to give your new number to just anyone you meet but give it only to your family and trusted friends. If you have children, they must be trained not to give your phone number to just anyone they know.
Get a caller ID service.  You can monitor caller IDs of unknown callers and screen calls. If the annoying prank telephone calls came from the same number, you can ask your telephone company to block calls originating from that particular number. You telephone company may also help you track down the origin of the harassing calls, just take note of the exact time and date when you received the unwanted prank calls. But you also have to know that not all prank callers can be traced by your telephone company especially when the caller uses a phone booth.

Sign up for Do-Not-Call-List.  Once you listed your home number and personal wireless phone number on the Do Not Call List, telemarketers cannot call you. Although it may not weed out all unwanted or harassing calls, unwanted calls from telemarketers can be stopped as telemarketers are not allowed to call numbers registered on Do-Not-Call-List; violation of the rules will result to fines. This service is free and your numbers will remain on the list until you request for the removal of your numbers or for the termination of the service.

Use reverse phone number look up. Sometimes annoying prank telephone numbers must be reported to the authorities to totally get rid of them but the problem is that you must provide detailed information about the mysterious calls you are receiving. Reverse phone look up can be very helpful in tracking annoying prank telephone calls and knowing the identity of your mysterious caller.  To know how visit Reverse Phone Detective


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