How to Stop Prank Callers

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Our privacy is very important to us especially when we are at the comfort of our homes and any intrusion of our privacy will irritate or scared us. For instance, if you are bothered by nuisance callers it will make u feel disturbed, annoyed and scared at some degree. If you received prank calls you’ll be annoyed that someone out there you don’t know has access to your personal number and you’ll never feel safe again. Here are some tips to stop prank callers.

To stop prank callers do not engage in a conversation. If you don’t know the caller, hang up immediately and do not give details about you or your family. If you entertain the calls and give them your attention and time, they will continue disturbing you and you will find it hard to stop your nuisance callers.

Inform the police to scare away and stop prank callers. There are crimes, break-ins and kidnappings that started only with a silly prank call. Inform the authorities especially when the caller is harassing or threatening you. Explain to them why you are annoyed and scared. The authorities have procedures for dealing and solving these situations to stop prank callers.

Trace the call to stop prank callers. The best way to trace a call is through caller ID. Almost all phones have this feature and it would be easy to trace the caller. If you don’t have a caller ID on your phone you can ask the help of the phone companies. If you are receiving prank calls you can ask your phone company to help you trace the caller, they have trace capabilities.

Perform phone reverse look up. Once you obtained the prank callers phone number, you can conduct a phone reverse look up. It will tell you the name of the caller, where the number is located, the phone company and the address of the owner. This information is very helpful when you report to the authorities the incidence of anonymous calls that violates your privacy and worst threatens you and your family.

Take nuisance callers seriously and take the appropriate action to stop prank callers. Remember that you and your family’s safety are at stake and there is no excuse not to deal with this situation. Violent crimes do starts with just a simple call from strangers. Always be alert and clever.

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