Put an End to Unwanted Telephone Calls

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Unwanted calls can be a real nuisance especially if you want some peace and quiet moments with yourself or with the people who matters to you. Most people do not want to be disturbed when they want to spend quality time with their families or with the people they love. Unwanted calls come in many forms, it can be as serious as harassment or can be plain disturbing like telemarketer’s calls but serious or not, they are all annoying. If you are receiving unwanted calls, you are not alone because many people have this problem. So how to put an end to unwanted telephone calls?

Change your number and be cautious in giving your phone number. If the unwanted calls are really harassing and annoying, you might need to change your number to put an end to unwanted telephone calls. Our phone number should be treated as personal and it should not be given just to anyone if you value your privacy. Avoid giving your new number to strangers and only give your telephone number to your family, close friends and to the people you trust. Request those people not to give your phone number to anyone without your permission. By being careful with your phone number, you can prevent being a victim of prank or harassing phone calls.

Put your number on the National Do Not Call List.  Placing your number to Do Not Call List may not stop all your unwanted calls but it can stop those callers making telephone solicitations. Telemarketers need to comply with the rules set by the National Do Not Call registry and remove your number from their call list.  Violations from the rules may lead to warnings and fines. Your number will stay on the do-not-call list until you discontinue the service. This method may not eliminate all your unwanted calls but it can reduce your nuisance calls.

Ask your telephone company for help. Phone companies know that their customers may encounter unwanted or harassing calls so they have solutions to help their customers put an end to unwanted telephone calls. Your phone company can set up a Trap on your phone line, a free service to determine the origin of the nuisance calls. You have to take note of the time and date of the calls to help your phone company trap your unknown caller. Another service that your phone company can provide to track down mysterious callers is the service called Call Trace. With Call Trace service you do not have to keep a phone log noting the time and date of the calls making it easier to use than the Trap service. Call Trace service is not free, so you have to pay extra charge to your phone company when using Call Trace. Your telephone company will turn over the collected information to the authorities or law enforcer to help you put an end to unwanted telephone calls.

Call the police or file a complaint. If the unwanted calls are really serious, obscene and threatening, it is best to report the unwanted calls to the police. If you will decide to report the harassing calls to the law enforcer, you have to provide as much information to the police. Take note of the time of the calls, the gender of the caller, the description of the caller’s voice and if the phone number used by the caller appeared on your caller ID device. The more information you can provide, the better and the easier the mysterious caller can be tracked down.

Dealing with nuisance calls can give you headaches but you have to use the best method to finally put an end to unwanted telephone calls. If you need more information about the mysterious calls you’ve been receiving, reverse phone number search is the service you might need, to know more visit Reverse Phone Detective



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