Stop Receiving Mysterious Telephone Calls

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With the technology we have now, it is not uncommon to receive annoying mysterious telephone calls but even though it is not a new thing, we still could not get used to receiving mysterious calls. Unwanted calls are annoying and invade our privacy and we want to get rid of them to keep our peace of mind. There are times that you can ignore the calls but if it the calls are frequent, it becomes a nuisance that can get into your nerves. Mysterious calls could play with your curiosity and you keep guessing about the identity of the unknown caller. If the call is obscene and threatening your peace of mind is also disturbed. It is best to find the best ways to stop receiving mysterious telephone calls and enjoy uninterrupted peace again.

When you are receiving mysterious phone calls occasionally, this may look harmless but if the calls become more frequent and you constantly receive anonymous calls even on odd hours, this is already a nuisance and a form of harassment and should be taken seriously.  The following tips can be very helpful if you want to stop receiving mysterious telephone calls.

Make loud noises. Of course you do not want to encourage nuisance calls and you want to drive them away, although this is not recommended but if the calls are really pestering you; answering using loud voice or noises could make the caller back away or think twice before calling again.  This method may help you put an end in receiving mysterious telephone calls.

Ask your service provider if they can help you. Contact your telephone company and report the annoying or harassing calls you’ve been receiving and find out what they can do about it. You probably are not the only one to complain about receiving mysterious telephone calls so your provider may already have solutions for unwanted calls. Your service provider can help you track down the origin of the harassing calls or can block unwanted calls if the prank caller is using the same number. If you are willing to change your phone number, your service provider can assist you with that and can also give you options on how to protect your new number.  You can also add a caller ID for your phone, it may mean additional charges but it will help you screen and trace anonymous calls.

Report the harassing or obscene calls to the police. As much a possible we do not want to make our lives complicated by involving the police but if the calls are really frightening and harassing you need to report the incidence to the authorities. But of course before you bother the police you have to make sure that what is happening is really phone harassment. You have to provide accurate details about the mysterious calls you are receiving. By reporting to the police, there is a high chance to stop receiving mysterious telephone calls.

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