Tips to Put an End to Prank Callers

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Dealing with a prank caller is one of the most frustrating– and often scariest– experiences you can go through.

What’s interesting is that you never would have thought it’d be such a challenge until you’ve had to actually deal with a prank caller yourself. Here are some “real world” tips for how you can deal with a prank caller– and how to STOP them once and for all:

Tip #1 to put an end to prank  callers: Report the prank caller

First things first. It’s not uncommon for break-in’s, kidnappings, and even violent crimes to begin with a seemingly “innocent” prank call.

Even if someone just keeps calling you and then hanging up– that’s reason enough to file a complaint, and it only takes a few minutes…

After all, better safe than sorry. Just call your local police and explain the problem. They have standard procedures for dealing with prank callers. (By no means are you the first person in the world who’s dealt with this!)

Tip #2 to put an end to prank  callers: Trace the caller

If you think the caller might just be a silly friend– or you don’t want to involve the police yet– the next best thing to do is TRACE the caller’s phone number to find the owner.

The fastest way to trace a call is by simply using caller ID. Almost every phone these days has caller ID, so this step should be easy… if the phone number isn’t listed, or if the call is coming from a cell phone number, you’ll need to run a special lookup.

Tip #3 to put an end to prank  callers: Run a reverse phone lookup

If you have a number but no name/address, it’s time to conduct a reverse phone lookup. Your results will tell you WHO is calling, WHERE the number is located from, the PHONE COMPANY the number belongs to, and the ADDRESS of the owner (when available).

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